Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vote Renard Francois and Fabian Bedne onto the Metro Council

Fabian Bedne. Photo by John Lamb.

Tomorrow, early voting starts in the Nashville Metro Council elections.  I know two of the candidates personally: District 31 candidate Fabian Bedne, and at-large candidate Renard Francois.  Please vote tomorrow during early voting, and please consider supporting Fabian and Renard.

Fabian is a building designer who's been in Nashville for over a decade and who was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Read about Fabian's history, family, and community service over at his web site  You can also read more about Fabian in the stories I've written about him - and some of the stories he's written himself - here at  As long as I've known Fabian, he's been thoughtful, selfless, professional, and willing to take action to make the world around him a better place.  If you live between Nolensville Road and I-24, you need Fabian as your councilman.  Fabian, in turn, needs you to go out and light up his name in the voting booth.

Renard and I went to high school together here in Nashville.  We were roommates on debate trips.  He was the class Vice President, and later he went on to work for the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, D.C.  Now we work right down the hall from each other in the same legal department on West End, and I'm thrilled we're connected again.  Renard is already making it clear he'll be a Councilman for the entire city - he's the anti-Crafton, if you ask me.  He already knows Conexion Americas on a first-name basis, and he's the only candidate with a set of palm cards in Spanish.  Anyone and everyone voting in the entire city of Nashville can vote for Renard and know that he will strengthen our city and our bonds to each other.  Look for Renard's name in the list of at-large candidates on your ballot, and make sure his name is one of the five you light up.

Renard Francois. Photo by John Lamb.

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