Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Los Rodriguez" tell StoryCorps their Hispanic tales at audio booth's Nashville stop

Javier and Leslie Rodriguez in the StoryCorps recording booth. It's their photo. I used it with permission.
StoryCorps was recording in Nashville recently, and we know it captured at least one Hispanic story for the Library of Congress: that of Javier Rodriguez and his wife Leslie Rodriguez.

The NPR-affiliated mobile narrative studio was back in town after first visiting Music City in 2008. Back then, I encouraged Hispanic Nashvillians to lay down some spoken vocals for the history books/bits-and-bytes. Not sure if any Nashvillianos took me or StoryCorps up on it.

This time, however, SC and the LoC got the Rodriguez-es on tape/CD/bits-and-bytes.  The Rodriguez's Nashville-based, bilingual blog Los Rodriguez Life is a must-read for anyone who likes Their blog entry on their StoryCorps adventure is here. In addition to their written description of what it was like to narrow down their life stories to a few anecdotes (about how they had multiple weddings across international borders), Javier and Leslie say they will upload audio excerpts of their session soon.

If you know of any other Nashvillianos who locked lips with the StoryCorps microphone (this time or last), let us know in the comments.

Again - Javier and Leslie blogged about their StoryCorps adventure here.

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