Sunday, February 22, 2004

Bilingual Nashville homicide detective follows whispering killer in Marcos M. Villatoro's novel Minos

"A Nashville native, the author is the son of a Salvadoran mother and a Tennessee father. Like his main character in Minos, except for the switch in gender and profession, the author shares much of the same background."

"Romilia Chacon is a Nashville homicide detective who has been searching for her sister's killer for six years. Dubbed The Whisperer by the FBI, the serial killer long has been sprinkling enigmatic clues around his crime scenes."

"Two caveats: Romilia is a great character but you could call her Romilio and not lose much in the translation. How many young, beautiful, widowed mothers, even if they are star detectives, watch porn, swear like stevedores, and guzzle Wild Turkey? OK, maybe a few."

"And speaking of translation, don't expect to find much here; it helps to know a little Spanish."

Memphis Commercial Appeal, Marcos M. Villatoro

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