Monday, February 2, 2004

Target of 1999 Hispanic abuse investigation is working for State of Tennessee probation program

"Ronald Crowe, one former Detection Services employee, told the Scene that Lawson seemed to enjoy tormenting the Hispanic residents he was charged with protecting."

"Noka Blanco, who owned a company near the Ivy Wood apartment complex that supplies Hispanic laborers to construction firms, told the Scene in 1999 that she started hearing stories of Lawson's abuse from her Hispanic employees."

"But now Larry Lawson is working as a surveillance officer for Community Corrections, a state-funded Metro probation program for nonviolent offenders. For $23,000 a year, Lawson conducts visits to selected offenders at home to make sure they're not violating terms of probation. His supervisors defend the hire by saying he's never been convicted of anything."

Nashville Scene, Community Corrections Program

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