Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Fall shift of minority students has Moore Elementary teachers looking to Liberty Elementary for advice

"When Franklin Special School District sealed the deal on its rezoning efforts last month, it rezoned six neighborhoods in a push to create more evenly distributed minority and socioeconomic populations at the schools on a traditional calendar."

"The changes sent Liberty Elementary students living in the Heritage Place subdivision — a heavily Hispanic neighborhood — to Moore. Students who have been bused from the Natchez area in downtown Franklin to Moore since 1994 will go to school at nearby Johnson Elementary next fall."

"The moves boosted Moore's minority makeup from 24.5% to 26%, but concerned some parents who fear resources will be stretched if teachers are working with more Spanish-speaking students in their classrooms."

"Moore Principal Tricia Green has a plan."

"She and her staff plan to head to Liberty to learn what strategies, techniques and resources the staff there has used to handle a large minority population."

The Tennessean

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