Thursday, March 11, 2004

Tennessee Racial Justice Project targets unjust treatment of immigrants in criminal justice system

"A coalition of immigrant advocacy groups in Tennessee wants to study if and how immigrants are being ill treated by the criminal justice system."

"The new coalition, called The Tennessee Racial Justice Project (TRJP), has applied for $100,000 from a national funding consortium, The National Racial Justice Collaborative (NRJC). Representatives from NRJC will make a site visit to the Somali Community Center in Nashville on March 25 to talk with coalition representatives."

"TRJP has four major partners: Latinos Undoes in East Tennessee, Furze Latino Unhide in West Tennessee, The Somali Community Center in Middle Tennessee and the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, a state-wide organization. Fisk University Race Relations Institute, the University of Tennessee School of Law, the Tennessee Justice Center, among other organizations, will act as supporting partners."

"'We would spend a year researching differences in treatment and discrimination against immigrants and refugees in the criminal justice system,' Carter Moody, development director of the Somali Community Center, said. 'The second year, if not earlier, we will move on various actions to take to try and redress the differences in treatment.'"

Nashville City Paper

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