Sunday, March 28, 2004

Williamson County parent: save Spanish curriculum

"At Grassland Elementary, we have a highly successful fourth- through fifth-grade county-funded Spanish program and a first- through third-grade parent organization-funded Spanish program. Our Spanish programs have proven to be an effective and essential part of Grassland curriculum."

"I say effective because each week my 9 year old comes home excited by what she has learned in Spanish class that day. I see her enthusiasm carry over in to other subjects, making her a more productive and successful student. I believe this enthusiasm sets in to motion a love of learning that I hope will continue through her life. I hear this same rewarding enthusiasm in many Grassland students."

"I say essential because in today's world, knowledge of a foreign language is a basic commodity in the job market. In fact, Spanish has now become the international second language of choice in business, academic and cultural venues. Research has proved that the earlier children learn a foreign language, the more proficient they will become in it. Additionally, in learning another language, students are exposed to the history and culture of the language, adding greatly to a fulfilling educational experience."

The Tennessean

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