Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ayudando Ninos loses funding, Nashville Hispanic Chamber waives tomorrow's Mixer admission to raise funds

The Nashville City Paper reports that Ayundando Ninos (Helping Children), a "program created to help families of children with disabilities between the ages of 6 weeks and 3 years of age," has experienced extraordinary demand and is in need of funds, and a fund-raising task force has been formed.
"The program was developed to seek out Hispanic infants and young children at risk for disabilities and provide them with developmental testing. Ayudando Ninos currently serves over 40 children," and demand is expected to double.

Yuri Cunza, President of the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (NAHCC)*, stated that an expected $30,000 grant fell through, forcing Ayudando Ninos to lose one of their intructors and suspend the treatment of a dozen children under their care. Responding to the task force's call for funds, the NAHCC will waive the regular admission to its June 30th mixer, and Fiesta Azteca will donate 15% percent of all purchases during the mixer to Ayudando Ninos.

*There are two Hispanic chambers of commerce in Nashville: the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the Tennessee Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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