Thursday, June 30, 2005

Nolensville Road businesses contemplate marketing collaboration

The Nashville City Paper reports that Nolensville Road businesses are meeting to form a neighborhood development group.

"A broad-based group of business people met Thursday at the Aurora Bakery, 3725-A Nolensville Road, to form a new business association discuss local issues."

"They asked each other how, they can they reduce the segmentation of the street's ethnic businesses to help launch a unified marketing effort to bring outsiders to the street."

"[O]ne Nolensville Road business owner, Juan Casillas - who imports Brazilian, Columbian and Californian clothes to sell at his California Fashion store - was trying to organize Hispanic business owners."

"Casillas said his store was robbed at gunpoint in February, so he called other Hispanic businesses to warn them, and many replied that they had already been robbed. He said he wished they had communicated beforehand.Casillas and some other Hispanic business owners then met with the police and made the acquaintance of officer Juan Borges - who knew Hodge and so linked the two groups together."

"Now, the group's challenge is to figure out how to enable a fluent flow of communication among the ethnic groups, the older white and black neighborhoods that have existed around the road for decades, and the younger people moving in who have been lured by the less-expensive housing and eclectic population."

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