Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mexican mother back before court in review of visitation and custody rights

The Tennessean reports that Felipa Barrera, the Mexican mother whose visitation and custody rights of her daughter have been in flux ever since she was ordered to learn English by Wilson County Juvenile Court Judge Barry Tatum, went back before Wilson County Judge Clara Byrd on Monday for a review of those rights.

"An immigrant Mexican mother who once had been ordered to learn English or risk losing custody of her child is expected back in court today in a case that has put a spotlight on how Latin American immigrants are treated by the legal system."

"Wilson County Judge Clara Byrd is set to review an order she issued in June granting visitation rights, but not full custody to Felipa Barrera. Under the order, Barrera's daughter Linda Cano moved in with her father Antonio Cano in late July."

"Byrd said she wanted to re-evaluate the situation in October because Linda had not spent a lot of time with her father, who lives in Lebanon and is married with six children in addition to Linda."

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