Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Belmont alum stars in North Carolina TV "novela" reports in this article that Belmont University graduate Roxana Vera Hadden stars in a North Carolina based, Spanish-language soap opera called Nuestro Barrio. The News & Observer reports in this article that Nuestro Barrio is being picked up in Greensboro, Charlotte, Greenville, S.C., Atlanta and Las Vegas and is being shopped to networks that would blanket the show across the Southwest and Northeast.

"Hadden is Hispanic communications coordinator for 'Nuestro Barrio,' a Spanish-language novela, or soap opera, that is being filmed in Durham for release on the local UPN channel and throughout the Southeast in January. She also has a role as one of the leading characters in the 13-episode miniseries, which, like any worthy effort of the genre, deals with topics that get as steamy as a salsa dance."

Hadden chose to participate in the show because of its educational goals.

"'We call it edutainment. We have story lines with real-life issues' that cross cultural barriers, but are mainly geared to helping Hispanic newcomers to the United States navigate barriers and resolve pitfalls confronting them, Hadden said."

"The themes of the episodes run the gamut of predatory lending practices, health issues, language barriers and rental discrimination. They play out on make-do sets at 604 N. Duke St., where one room may be an auditioning stage by day and a hospital waiting room for filming at night, or in the director's office, which serves as a bank in some scenes."

A web site for the show is under construction at

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