Friday, December 9, 2005

Tennessee imports Costa Rican jobs

The Nashville Business Journal reports in this story that German Plastics Manufacturer Bavarian Polymers has purchased land in Dickson County, Tennessee to replace its manufacturing facility in Costa Rica, effectively importing jobs from Costa Rica to the Volunteer State.

"...Bavarian officials say they plan to run at full capacity, with 114 employees, by the end of 2006. Those new jobs will help stem the steady losses posted by Middle Tennessee's manufacturing sector this year. After several strong years earlier this decade, local factories have shed 700 jobs in the past year."

Bavarian Polymers "plans to use the site to make plastic extrusion window and door frames."

"...They were manufacturing in Costa Rica and getting killed in transportation costs."

"...the deal turned out to be a bit more complex than it appeared during the flirtation stage. Securing financing took some doing, given that none of Bavarian's partners are U.S. citizens."

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