Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Representative Jim Cooper calls for business leadership in immigrant debate

The Nashville City Paper reports in this story that U.S. Representative Jim Cooper called on Nashville's business community to take a leadership role in the nationwide immigrant policy debate:

"'This is where the business community really has to stand up and make a difference, otherwise the debate on this could get out of control in a hurry,' he said, adding immigrants are essential for many industries such as home construction, hospitality and tourism."

"Cooper called on businesses to get their paperwork on immigrants filed correctly so these industries can benefit from an immigrant workforce in a legal way."

"But he criticized the country’s custom of holding a yearly green card lottery, which distributes working permits to about 50,000 immigrants per year without looking at education skills, family ties or any other merits of applicants."

Cooper was speaking at the December 5 Nashville Chamber of Commerce Legislative Luncheon.

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