Monday, May 15, 2006

Mexican seafood review tells story of La Hacienda

Nashville Scene food critic Kay West reviews the La Hacienda Marisqueria in this article, declaring that there is "no better place in Nashville for a harmonious convergence" of seafood and Mexican food.

West shares more than her opinion of the food in this column. She also tells the story of the original La Hacienda, a Nashville staple. Tragically, the narrative is punctuated by the brutal attack on founder Carlos Yepez's mother-in-law and the murder of his father-in-law (story here) (despite a lead (story here) and a reward (story here), that murder has not been solved).

From the Scene's 1997 archives, West uncovered what Yepez said then about his decision to move to Nashville in the early 1990's: “'I came at the right time, ... The Hispanic community was just starting to grow. When I came here, there were many single men here, working and sending money back. Now you see many more families, making a life for themselves. They work hard, and they work long hours. Here, it’s a good chance to make a good living. It is opportunity. I love Nashville. It is a dream come true.'”

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