Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Nashville: fifth angriest city

Men's Health Magazine ranks Nashville as the fifth angriest city in the nation. The only other Tennessee city in the Top 100 is Memphis at #8.

There is no guess as to cause, or whether a contributing factor could be the weaponization of immigration (story here) and an increase in violent rhetoric in the Music City (story here).

It remains to be seen whether this mention of Nashville among the "angriest" cities will have any effect on the national rankings that have recently flattered Nashville, such as being named by Kiplinger Magazine as the #1 city in its national list of "Smart Cities," and Expansion Management's #1 ranking of Music City in its "America's 50 Hottest Cities" rankings for two straight years. The Kiplinger Magazine report specifically cited Nashville's Southern hospitality as an attraction to people from across the nation.

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