Thursday, October 12, 2006

Public forum on immigration at Scarritt-Bennett on Tuesday, October 17

On October 17, Scarritt-Bennett will host an educational forum titled, "Immigration: Making Sense of the Debate." The forum is sponsored by 19 local organizations and will be centered on a constructive, serious conversation on immigration and on the positive steps that the community can take to tackle the challenges associated with it. For more information, click on the flyer.

Event organizer Avi Poster sent out this invitation:

“In the red-hot debate over immigration, myth too often takes the place of truth. It is time to step back, take a deep breath and reflect before we react.”
Rev. Jesse Jackson. May 9, 2006

Dear Friends,

Few among us have been immune to the fierce, much too often over-heated
national debate about immigration and issues connected to it.
Certainly, this debate has found its way into our own community in
which immigrants, in large numbers, have come to live. What is sorely
needed is a thoughtful, rationally framed conversation centered on
accurate information and focused on reasonable solutions to the
challenges with which we are faced. For this reason, I am writing to
invite and encourage you to join me for an important evening of
information, reflection, and conversation about immigration – something
which, seemingly overnight, has become one of our most significant
debated issues of the day. Here’s the scoop.

A group of concerned citizens, along with a wide coalition of local and
statewide organizations, concerned by the alarming, emotionally driven
rhetoric surrounding the debate on immigration, have joined forces to
organize an educational forum on this important issue. This forum will
take place on October 17 (7:00 – 9:00) at the Wightman Chapel on the
Scarrett-Bennett campus. The purpose of this forum is to add clarity
and reason to the immigration debate by sharing accurate information
and exploring positive steps that can be taken to tackle the challenges
at hand. A panel of expert panelists and members of our immigrant
community will speak on a variety of essential topics and ample
opportunity for questions and commentary will be allotted.

Attached is a flyer that describes this event. A more detailed
description is available as well. I am not only hoping that you will
join me, but that you will consider sharing this flyer with family,
friends, and colleagues.

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