Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Melo takes local anchor post at Telefutura

Still the only Spanish-language network in Nashville with locally developed content

Telemundo seeking input

Univision launch delayed

Solo Nashville/Telefutura Channel 42 announced in the following press release that Eva Melo has assumed the local news anchor position at that station. As reported recently here in the Nashville Scene, Telefutura is the only Spanish-language TV station in Nashville with local news programming, created through a partnership with WTVF-Channel 5. The other locally-based Spanish-language TV station is Telemundo, which partners with WSMV-Channel 4. Telemundo is exploring the possibility of locally created content and intends to consult with Hispanic members of the Nashville community before creating a local product, but none is currently available. A third Spanish-language station, Univision, is in the wings and was originally expected to arrive in January 2007 (story here). The Scene says that Univision will arrive later this year and will produce local content.

Here is the Telefutura press release:

Eva Melo is the new presenter of Telefutura 42's nightly news program, Noticias Locales.

Eva Melo is heavily involved with middle Tennessee's Hispanic community through her work as President of the Franklin Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and publisher of Nashville's only bilingual entertainment guide, 'Que Pasa en Tennessee'.
Melo is delighted to be part of Telefutura 42's local news service. "The local news on Telefutura 42 is a very valuable service for our Nashville community. It is vital that Hispanics know what is happening in their city and the daily news service keeps everyone informed and connected.We are looking to expand the news coverage in 2007 so this is a very exciting time to be working for Telefutura 42."

For those outside the broadcast area, the daily newscast can be viewed on newschannel5.com. Scroll down toward the bottom of the homepage and click on the most recent date under Noticias A Su Alcance.

Telefutura 42 first began broadcasting in February 2004 and is the only Spanish language TV station in Nashville with local news and programming. Telefutura 42 features first-class family entertainment programming that includes original Latin American talk shows, news briefs, variety shows, soap operas, movies, sports, and local programming. For more information about programming visit www.solonashville.net.

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