Thursday, December 13, 2007

Deadline today: Hispanic Nashville Noteworthy nominations

Nominations are due today for the second annual "Hispanic Nashville Noteworthy" Awards, which recognize exceptional people, groups, items, places, events, contributions, or achievements* by or related to Hispanic Nashvillians. The Noteworthy Awards are a project of the Hispanic Nashville Notebook.

Send to the editor a description of the person, group, item, place, event, contribution, or achievement you believe is especially "noteworthy," along with an explanation for your nomination (with some specifics), your connection to the nominee, a short bio or background of the nominee, any additional information that supports your nomination such as newspaper articles or pictures, and your contact information.

Last year's recipients are listed here.

*These are examples only. Anyone and anything can be nominated - a restaurant, business, book, accountant, taco stand, newspaper, decision, party, church, mural, dentist, school, neighborhood, politician, song - anything, as long as it is noteworthy and among or related to the Hispanic members of the Nashville community.

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