Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pedro Garcia, Nashville's Spanish-speaking director of public schools, may be looking at San Diego job

The Tennessean reports here that Metro Public Schools director Pedro Garcia may be under consideration for the top job at the San Diego Unified School District. His Spanish-speaking skills are considered to be a plus for the job.

From the Tennessean:
A source who has spoken to Garcia on the subject confirmed Tuesday he was in the running to become the next school superintendent of the 133,000-student San Diego Unified School District. Garcia has refused to comment, offering only, "I intend to be here until June 30, 2010."
Garcia ... has the power to walk away with 120 days' written notice.

School board members in San Diego aren't confirming that Garcia, who taught in San Diego in the 1970s, is a finalist for the job....

The most officials will say is that they're looking for a new superintendent, and, according to the district's Web site, someone who can speak Spanish and is a risk taker is a plus. Garcia meets both criteria.

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