Friday, December 28, 2007

"Boners" include immigration category this year

Nashville Scene aims at those who aimed at immigrants in 2007

The 2007 edition of the Nashville Scene's Boner Awards (here) includes a category in which three local men are cited for their immigrant-related actions. Here are excerpts, with links to background stories:
Named for former Nashville Mayor Bill Boner, who set a high bar for low deeds during Music City’s dark days of the late ’80s, the Boner Awards have taken on a life of their own over almost two decades. That’s because greed, bad judgment and epic bungling never go away, despite our fondest hopes. Looking back over this year’s rancid harvest of goofs, gaffes and grotesqueries, one thing is clear: Boners are a renewable resource.
Your “English only” amendment in Metro Council this year was the legislative equivalent of the Maginot line: a useless, expensive monument to irrelevance. [more on this Boner here and more on its demise here -Ed.]
This ooh-scary “theory” alleges that Mexican immigrant laborers—which he refers to loudly and often as “the illegal immigrant invasion”—are really one vast sleeper cell waiting to rise up and re-conquer the American Southwest. (That explains why so many are living in Nashville.) [more on this Boner here -Ed.]
The chump-change Scarface tried to give himself a $10,000-a-month salary with a $450 car allowance on the chamber’s dime. About a month after the story broke, he was fired from his chamber position and called “a cancer” on the Hispanic community by board members. We think “Boner” also fits the bill. [more on this Boner here and here -Ed.]
Photo by Emilie Eagan. Licensed under Creative Commons.

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