Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Daughter's appreciation, memories of home mark birthday for Mack of Coyote Chronicles

"My daughter wrote me a beautiful note, thanking me for pushing her to excel"

"As soon as I heated up a tortilla... I was close to tears"

Local Hispanic blogger Mack, of Coyote Chronicles, told this moving birthday story earlier this month:
Last night, the Primary Wife and the Kids and i had a nice dinner, and I even got some PJ’s I can’t wait to wear. It was terrific. My daughter wrote me a beautiful note, thanking me for pushing her to excel and basically acknowledging that I indeed, along with her mother, do my best to provide for her and her brother. It was a wonderful gift to get.

I was a little tired. But, more than that, a bit pre-occupied. See, i have been been thinking about my parents quite a bit lately. Though they are both gone, for some reason, I feel very close to them right now. Tonight I cooked a fried chicken dinner for me and the kids, and the smell of frying chickens almost made me sad. I can’t explain it. As soon as i heated up a tortilla to eat with it, I was close to tears. I could feel my mother in the room. She was standing at the stove, at 3:00 a.m., cooking me a tortilla with butter because i decided to bang on her door at 2:55 a.m. The very first question out of her mouth was “are you hungry, Mijo (Mi Hijo)?"
Read the original in its entirety here.

Photo by Joey Gannon. Licensed under Creative Commons.

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