Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama in the eyes of local Hispanic bloggers

Roundup of Nashville voices before, after election

Mario Ramos:
Vote Obama today
Political Salsa:
Today may the moment in U.S. history when young Americans finally get the respect they are due.

If Sen. Barack Obama sweeps to victory, it will be due to an unprecedented participation in the electoral process.

And if they do so, it will be because they have examined both candidates and found one to offer more hope.
Coyote Chronicles:
If Obama should win, especially if he wins big, I’d really like to see my fellow Democrats being graceful in victory. Part of the attraction for me to Mr. Obama was his demeanor, and he and his wife are classy at all times. We can do our part after the fact by being magnanimous and reminding people that the real work is just getting started. Because it is. I will diligently monitor the Obama administration, and it my single biggest hope that he communicates to America that we must evolve as a Nation, it is well past time that we recognize that our standard of living cannot be maintained indefinitely. Ask us to volunteer. Ask us to conserve. Ask us to step up and contribute.
Bilingual in the Boonies' twitter feed:
Watching history ... mccain is giving a beautiful speech ... If McCain had spoken like this for the last few months, he may have been elected ... I'm going to have a whole lot of pissed off relatives tomorrow. I may not answer my telephone for days.
Image: ABC News

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