Thursday, November 6, 2008

With Puerto Rican and Dominican heritage, Blue Collar Muse added to local Hispanic blogroll

Conservative politics

"My father was an illegal alien"

Since February 2007, Blue Collar Muse has been blogging here on the ConservaBlogs platform. With family history in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, Blue Collar Muse joins the Hispanic Nashville Notebook local blogroll which appears in the left-hand column of

From About BCM:
I was born in the mid 50s to a Missouri farm girl and a young draftsman in the United States from Puerto Rico and before that, the Dominican Republic. This makes my lineage a bit more interesting as my father was an illegal alien here in the US long before we had problems with our current crop of undocumented workers.

If you’re born in Puerto Rico, you’re automatically a US citizen as Puerto Rico is a US Commonwealth. My paternal grandfather was a professor at the University of Puerto Rico and went to the Dominican Republic on some teaching assignment. While there, he had an affair with my paternal grandmother and fathered two sons with her, my dad and my uncle. He later brought the two boys to Puerto Rico and they grew up there. When he graduated High School, my father came to the US for school and graduated from Louisiana Tech and took a series of jobs. He met and married my mother, fathered me and finally went to get a job for which he needed to be bonded. At that point it came to light that he’d been living as an illegal here for years. Fortunately, the naturalization process was simpler then and his marriage to my mother was sufficient to get him his citizenship.
As to the politics of Blue Collar Muse he says, "I don’t see any other option for me than to be a political Conservative." This is in contrast to the other local writers in the blogroll.

After yesterday's roundup of local Hispanic bloggers' reaction to the election of President-elect Barack Obama, for example, Blue Collar Muse strongly rejected the news (here) by preemptively declaring that the new Commander-in-Chief would not be his president, but just the president.

Photo by Nancy Waldman. Licensed under Creative Commons.

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