Thursday, August 6, 2009

After three-year run, children and families will be pulled from detention at CCA's Hutto

The story, as it was tweeted Wednesday night

Hutto is operated by Nashville-based Corrections Corporation of America, on contract from Immigration and Customs Enforcement


Holy .... - did opponents of family detention at CCA's Hutto just win a major victory?

No more detention of immigrant and refugee children at CCA's Hutto?

Govt. will stop sending families and children to CCA's Hutto, a former prison facility #immigration #ri4a #promigrant

2 arguments raised against Hutto family/child detention: actual conditions, & children don't belong in former jails

Hutto story dates back to May 05 closure news, then Dec 05 family/child detention contract. Timeline:

ACLU attorney on Hutto's new no-family policy: good news, but system still lacks standards and due process

Hutto to be family-free, but CCA has new opportunity in plans for more facilities:

The govt. is paying CCA $2.3 million per month to house 127 individuals at Hutto

2006 story: Family detentions improve CCA fortunes #Hutto

Protesters were at Hutto July 28 and were planning August 22 event as well

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights had just issued a report on Hutto:

In April 2008, Hutto was said to be a "model" - now Hutto isn't even a model for Hutto

December 2008: 1 commissioner votes against Hutto: “no matter how you look at it, it’s still a prison

H/T: Maribel Hastings

Composite graphic by Ingredients: Exit photo by Phil Hilfiker. Family sign photo by Paul Applegate. Statue of Liberty photo by Ludovic Bertron. Barbara Hines and UT Law Immigration Clinic photo by the UT Law magazine. Hutto photo by ICE.

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