Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Your student's own grandmother was undocumented, so lay off the scapegoating: parent cries foul

Local blogger Mack of Coyote Chronicles recently cried foul when he found out that his daughter and fellow blogger SuperMousey is being told - in her eighth grade social studies class - that the undocumented have caused the U.S. health care crisis. SuperMousey's grandparents were undocumented.

Here is an excerpt of Mack's letter to the teacher:
It has come to my attention that you use your classroom to extol the virtues of Conservative thought. It should not be my responsibility to remind you that you are there to teach, not preach. It is your right to have an opinion, but it is my right to have my daughter receive an education free from political propaganda. You may not be aware that [her] grandparents were undocumented when they arrived in this country. Your inference that illegal immigrants are to blame for this country’s health care crisis upset her, and I am putting you on notice that if it happens again, I will contact our family’s attorney.
Update: Mack scheduled a meeting and posted a report of that meeting here.

Read the original post in its entirety here.

In April, SuperMousey defended herself when a fellow seventh-grader said, "I don't like Mexicans" - story here.

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  1. Give me a little time, brother! It is now updated. What a taskmaster you are.



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