Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Conexion Americas' taxpayer services: 2008-2009 numbers

Returns filed by Conexion: 395

Target audience reached: 1461

United Way support: $9,000

Conexion Americas helped file 395 tax returns through its tax preparation service from July 2008-June 2009, according to the group's annual report. Conexion, Nashville's leading non-profit dedicated to the integration of Latino families, also received $9,000 from United Way for the tax preparation service.

Educational programs for taxpayers, some of whom don't use Conexion's tax preparation service, were also among the 2008-2009 achievements:
336 Latino workers increased their understanding of the US tax system and of their tax rights and responsibilities through 38 workshops conducted throughout Middle Tennessee as part of our Taxpayer Education and Outreach Program. An additional 30 educational programs about taxes reached over 1,125 Latino taxpayers.
Photo by Jacob Kearns. Licensed under Creative Commons.

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