Monday, September 21, 2009

El Rodeo grocery store opens in Hermitage

We're trying to educate the customer that even though we're a Hispanic grocery store, that doesn't mean anyone can't buy here

The Tennessean has the story about the opening of a new Hermitage branch of El Rodeo, a grocery store that's been in Madison for a few years:
"The goal is to introduce the entire community to Latino foods,'' said Jeff Kearns, owner of El Rodeo on Lebanon Pike. "And what we really want to do is introduce the population to our fresh meat cuts.''
Alberto Forero, who owns the El Rodeo grocery in Madison, is also working as the head manager of the new store in Hermitage.
The original Madison store has been open about eight years. Forero has owned that shop for about the last two years, and he believes cutting meat to order will be attractive to customers across demographics.

"Most people now aren't used to being able to request any meat and cut on the spot instead of buying it already packaged,'' Forero said. "I'm from Venezuela and that's what you do. You go to a meat place, and they make it a pleasure and serve you exactly what you want.
The new business was self-financed, Jeff Kearns said, with planning, saving and seeking a location done over several years. The building is being leased. Kearns' wife, Milexa Kearns, is from Venezuela and is also taking part in El Rodeo's operation.
Read the entire Tennessean story here.

Photo by Grant Hutchinson. Licensed under Creative Commons.

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