Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Renata Soto named to Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission

From TNCourts.gov:
The full list of appointees to the newly created Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission was announced today. The nine-member commission was appointed by the Tennessee Judicial Council, Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey and House Speaker Kent Williams.

The Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission, which replaces the Judicial Evaluation Commission, evaluates the performance of the appellate level judges who are up for re-election. Prior to the election, the commission will complete a thorough review of each judge’s performance and make a recommendation to either retain or replace each judge. These recommendations are placed in newspapers throughout the state to inform voters prior to the election.

The Judicial Council appointed the following members:
E. Riley Anderson of Knoxville – former Supreme Court justice
Jeffrey S. Bivins of Franklin – Circuit Court judge
John T. Fowlkes of Memphis – Criminal Court judge
Amy Reedy of Athens – Criminal Court judge
Renata Soto of Nashville – co-founder and executive director, Conexion Americas

Lt. Gov. Ramsey appointed the following members:
John Chase Rambo of Jonesborough – private attorney
Michael E Tant of Franklin – executive vice president, W.Z. Baumgartner & Associates, Inc.

Speaker Williams appointed the following members:
John Day of Brentwood – founding partner, Day & Blair
Henrietta Grant of Knoxville – retired educator

The members of the commission will convene in the coming weeks to begin their review of Supreme Court Justice Sharon Lee and Court of Appeals Judge John McClarty, who are up for re-election in August 2010. Upon completion of their review, the recommendation of the commission will be made public in March 2010.

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