Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Best truck taco is at El Paisa, says Citizen Taco

Photos of El Paisa by Citizen Taco
Over at the Serious Eats blog, one of's best websites of 2008, Austin-based Citizen Taco has reviewed nine of Nashville's taco trucks and concluded that El Paisa has the winning taco, "on par with anything in Texas or California."  El Paisa is on Gallatin Road at Elmore Avenue; for a map, scroll to the bottom of the review.

Over on Nolensville Road, C.T. thought the best tacos are served at Taqueria El Recodo. High marks also went to Taqueria Belen and Taqueria Express.

Read the full review here.

(Also see Nashvillest for their take.)

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  1. I'd like to know what the criteria are. Baja Fresh, for instance, would be beyond bland if not for their salsa, which is pretty good, but not great.

    Carnitas is the trick for me. It needs to be flaky and flavorful. Too many places serve it way too dry. Any self-respecting taco joint needs a fiery, full flavored green and red sauce, and meat filling that has enough fat content to have flavor on its own.

    I probably make the best taquitos in town.


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