Saturday, April 3, 2010

prominent ad space on sale at - banner is $750 for the year

The large "banner" ad space above the main content of every page of is currently being discounted 50% from its 2009 price, down to a sale price of $750 for the year. From now until April 30, 2010, the prominent site-wide space is available for that significant discount to the first taker.

E-mail me here for the details.

The readership of includes the people who are most involved in the Hispanic life of the city. At one mixer, a local businessman enthusiastically told a newcomer to town that he reads every day, and he touted the archives as a way to get caught up with what's going on in the city. (By the way, each of the hundreds of pages of the archives has the ad banner on it.)

The popular following of has prompted many prominent Nashvillians to send in their unsolicited praise, all collected in the site's About page.

State Farm advertised in this space during calendar year 2009. Reliant Bank held the space in 2008 and said the campaign was "good PR." Both ads were half as wide as the space now available.

A bargain is there for the taking in 2010.


  1. Would you extend the deadline until May 31, please?

  2. It's actually been taken, but I'll put you on the list for next year!


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