Thursday, June 10, 2010

Musico a Musico to hold Worshiping Arts Congress August 4-7 at Christ Church

Nashville-based Músico a Músico, which puts on four-day worship seminars for musicians and other artists in locations across North and South America, will be conducting its second Nashville Congress on August 4-7, 2010 at Christ Church. More details are at Músico a Músico's web site here, and at its Facebook page here.

The mission of is Músico a Músico is
to train and inspire Latino worship musicians and artists to excel at their craft and to aid them to achieve a lifestyle of worship.
Here is the May announcement from Músico a Músico, which is already a little out of date - I've been told that a new roster is soon to be announced, with additional guest artists - but here is what we know so far:
Músico a Músico is a teaching ministry! It’s who we are and what we do! And, we’re again going to be in Nashville, our home city, this summer for the 2010 Congreso of Worshiping Arts. The dates are August 4 – 7 and the location is Christ Church. Check out the Official Congreso web site at

Christ Church is where our music and arts school is located, Instituto Allegro Nashville. We’re grateful for the “open doors” from Pastor Dan Scott and Christ Church. As you may have guessed, one of our main goals for these Nashville Congresos is to continue to raise awareness of the school and even give the students a place to use their talents. A few years ago MaM began to partner with Francis Castañeda from Lima, Peru. First of all to support his school in Lima, but later, as Francis joined MaM and now serves on our board of directors, we began to help him establish other “Instituto Allegro’s” in several countries in South America. A part of MaM’s vision has been to start a school of music and arts here in Nashville and almost two years ago that became a reality. So this year’s Congreso will start our third year of classes for this school. Contact Rachel Vasquez at for more information.

The Nashville Congreso Team is almost complete but we do need qualified and passionate teacher/players for these spots: bass guitar, second keyboard and percussion. In addition, we would love to have a mime teacher as well for this Congreso. So if you or someone you know are available for any of these positions, please prayerfully consider this opportunity. Then contact me right away to discuss. The entire team is listed below.

Read the report on our most recent Aruba Congreso from early April 2010 that I hope you’ll enjoy and that the Lord may speak to you through it about possibly participating with us in Nashville or in the near future. Here too is the photo link from Aruba.

Músico a Músico Nashville Congreso 2010
(a/o 5.03.10)

The band and visual artists……
Jamie Wigginton - Keyboard, vocals
??????????? – Keyboard #2,
JR Hilton – Acoustic guitar, vocals
Giovanni Quiñonez – Acoustic guitar
Phil Yochum - (Thursday & Friday only) – Drums
???????????? – Bass guitar
???????????? – Percussion
Jessica French - Vocals
Rachel Vasquez – Vocals, violin, keyboard, theory
Marina Perez – Vocals, vocal technique and care of your voice
Roger Brunlinger - Audio (Not yet confirmed)
Steve Krenz - Electric guitar
????????????? – Mime
Carolina Coulon – Drama, theater
Danitza Gonzalez - Dance
Ester Leiva – Dance

Marisol Hartog
Cindy Benitez
Nelly Perez
Francisco Giovanni Perez
Esdras Santiago
Dirk Weibezahn
Luis Mendoza
Angela Mendoza
Stefanie Harris
Tiffany Leiva
Nancy Hawthorne
Patti Nelson
Martha Espinoza
Dimas Espinoza
Omar Lagudali
Ginette Hermoso
Ester Santos do Nascimento

Myrna Enamorado – Song and info projection with Media Shout
David Winkler – Number Charts and the Nashville Number System, Music Theory

Administrative Team
Tiffany Leiva - Translators
Danny Garcia - General
Wayne Hilton

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