Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ray Stevens dons sombrero in sloppy immigrant law commentary

Nashville's own legendary musical humorist Ray Stevens used to write songs about the "First Self-Righteous Church" and how "We shouldn't care about the length of his hair, or the color of his skin."

Now Stevens is writing "Come to the U.S.A.," a music video where he dresses in ethnic garb and makes sloppy arguments about my brothers, sisters and neighbors who don't have an American visa or passport.  He's getting a lot of attention for it, including softball interviews from Fox News.

Ray Stevens, welcome to that shameful pantheon of prominent Nashvillians circulating negativity against Hispanics, many of whom are making Mexican caricature the Bible Belt's new insult.  Please get your head on straight by talking to two people:
Raul Lopez, of the National Republican Hispanic Assembly of Tennessee, who has given a microphone to and has also tried to clear the names of fellow conservatives who go a little too negative in the immigration debate - namely,
the 'conservatives voices' that might generate ill-will to Americans, that happen to be Hispanic, as a by-product of their popular commentary on illegal immigration.
and Mack, of Coyote Chronicles, who shares fewer of your political views, but whose parents were Americans before the federal government ever recognized them as such.  Yes, he is a child of parents who didn't have a visa or U.S. citizenship when they arrived, and you need to hear about them.
The people who truly need amnesty are the ones who are making fun of and circulating lies about the poor, the disenfranchised, and the powerless.

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  1. Untalented over the hill performer seeks relevance and money at the expense of at 11.


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