Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup starts today; the globe is watching, including these Nashville venues

The World Cup starts today. Yeah, it's kind of a big deal.

The U.S. is playing, as are Latin American countries Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, and Honduras. Mexico and Uruguay play in separate games today. Argentina and the U.S. play in separate games tomorrow.

The full TV schedule is here (U.S. English-language networks) and here (U.S. Spanish-language networks).

The Nashville Scene reported that the following Nashville venues will be showing the World Cup games:
Corner Pub Midtown (2000 Broadway, 327-9250), Sportsman's Grille (1601 21st Ave. S., 320-1633) and Sam's Sports Bar & Grill (1803 21st Ave. S., 383-3601) — and then there's our personal favorite, Savarino's Cucina (2121 Belcourt Ave., 460-9878)
I think I've also seen ads saying that all the World Cup games would be broadcast in the 12 South Tap Room - perhaps owner/operator Alex Torres has something to do with that (I think those ads were in the Scene, too.)

I'm sure you readers know other places in Nashville where we can all watch the World Cup on the big screen - let us know in the comments, below.

And for all of us rooting for the U.S. team - or heck, if your team is an underdog, this is for you, too - here's a bonus video:

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