Sunday, June 6, 2004

Federal appeals court reverses dismissal of Tyson wage depression lawsuit

"An appeals court said a lawsuit may go forward that claims that Tyson Foods Inc. hired undocumented immigrant workers to depress wages at a Tennessee poultry plant."

"The lawsuit claimed that Tyson relied on a network of recruiters and temporary employment agencies that brought workers into the United States and supplied them with false identification."

"In May 2002, Tyson argued that, because its workers are covered by a collective bargaining agreement, it was the union - not individual workers - that would have to pursue claims of damage. Federal Judge R. Allan Edgar of Chattanooga agreed and dismissed the lawsuit in July 2002."

"In yesterday's ruling, the appellate court said the trial court had wrongly determined that the issue fell under the National Labor Relations Act."

The Tennessean

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