Thursday, June 3, 2004

New drivers license law in effect; testing stations turn away applicants; 'certificate of driving' not yet available

"Melanie Ingram, 35, was turned down after the only documents she could show were her expired West Virginia driver's license and letters proving she lived in Nashville. She called the vital records department in her home state but was told that, even with a credit card, she wouldn't be able to get a copy of her birth certificate for a week. That will be too late. She's due to board a plane Tuesday for a Florida vacation and has no valid photo identification."

"Although it may be frustrating for some initially, backers of the license measure say it will ultimately ensure that the state is doing its part for national security in general, including airline travel."

"The plan includes a new document that will be issued beginning July 1. The so-called 'certificates of driving' will be issued to all undocumented immigrants and to legal immigrants here on a temporary basis."

The Tennessean

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