Monday, June 21, 2004

Nashville Bar Association President Gregg Ramos rebukes Representative Buck for "wetback" remarks

"I was also troubled this past session by the display of what can only be described as racism, plain and simple, in our legislative halls. I am referring to state Reprsentative Frank Buck's derogatory comments about Hispanics, including his use of the term 'wetback.' Perhaps adding fuel to the fire was Representative Buck's subsequent assertion to the press that he didn't know the word was offensive."

"While giving Representative Buck the benefit of the doubt, at least for the moment, allow me to here and now resolve any and all questions concerning the term. It is a highly offensive racial epithet! It is, and always has been, offensive to me, my family, and every other Hispanic I know. The irony of it all is that it is a hateful term used against good, hard working, and brave individuals who have literally risked their lives traveling to this country for the unpardonable sin of seeking a better way of life for their families."

Nashville Bar Journal, page 2 (PDF)

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