Tuesday, June 1, 2004

State boards and commissions: less than 1% Hispanic

"About 38% of the about 2,500 members of state boards and commissions who reported their gender are women, according to the secretary of state. About 86% of those who reported their race are white, 13% African-American; less than 1% are Hispanic, Asian and Native American. Many didn't report that information."

"Thus far, under the Bredesen administration, more than 200 people have taken on the mostly unpaid work. Reporting race and gender is voluntary for many boards, according to the secretary of state. Of the appointees who listed such information, 77% are white, 22% African-American, less than 1% Hispanic and no Native Americans or Asians. A third were women."

"State's racial makeup:

White, 80%

Black, 16%

Hispanic, 2%

Asian, 1%

American Indian, less than 1%"

The Tennessean

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