Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mexican Consulate plans August 6 visit to Nashville

Catholic Charities at Woodbine recently announced an August 6 Nashville visit by the Mexican Consulate in Atlanta:

Mexico has issued the matricula consular since 1870 to its nationals living abroad in case they had need of consular assistance. It’s purpose and use was totally benign and of no concern to any host country, including the United States.

But after 9/11, our tolerance for permitting illegal aliens to reside in the U.S. abated considerably, coupled with a new-found determination to increase the reliability of U.S.-issued identification documents. This environment made it likely that life would become more difficult for millions of Mexican citizens residing here with no identity papers.

So Mexico decided to try to win widespread acceptance of the matricula consular as a substitute for U.S.-issued identification. To accomplish this it had to convince local, state and federal government agencies and U.S. business entities that the matricula is a secure identity document.

The face of the matricula was redesigned to make it bilingual and to include a local U.S. address, recognizing that America wanted more secure identity documents.

The Mexican Consulate in Atlanta will visit Nashville, Tennessee next August 6th,, 2005 to issue 400 Matriculas Consulares at the Woodbine Community Organization, on 222 Oriel Ave., Nashville, TN 37210, from 8:00 am to 4:00pm.

Catholic Charities at Woodbine, wants to inform you about this event that is sponsored by OrganizaciĆ³n Latina de Nashville (Nashville Latino Organization), Woodbine Community Organization, the “La Ley” 1380 AM radio station and United Way.

Please feel welcome to come and join us meeting our Mexican Consul in Atlanta.

Thank you for your attention.
Catholic Charities at Woodbine
Latino Services

For more information please feel free to call:
Catholic Charities at WCO - Leticia Alvarez or Leticia Gonzalez at (615) 850-3449

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