Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Two percent of Franklin Fire Department is Hispanic; mayor and chief look to hire more

The Tennessean reports that the Chief of the Franklin Fire Department and the Mayor of Franklin are looking for more Hispanic applicants to jobs in the Deparment. Of all uniformed personnel in the Franklin Fire Department, only 2%, or three out of 135, are Hispanic.

"...Franklin Fire Chief Rocky Garzarek said he sees the need for more diversity in his department. Garzarek said he'd like to hire more women and more Hispanics to better reflect the diversity of Franklin."

"'We reflect very well the diversity of our African-American community demographically in the Fire Department. Where we're really losing ground is on the Hispanics and numbers of females...' Garzarek said."

"Of the 135 uniformed personnel in the Franklin Fire Department, 12 are black men, three are Hispanic men and one is a white woman. The rest are white men."

"Franklin Mayor Tom Miller has urged the recruitment of more minority candidates by advertising in African-American communities and colleges. Garzarek said he believes the city should form a workplace-diversity committee to recruit more minorities and women."

"A group of African-American firefighters in Franklin say there aren't enough minorities and the minorities the department has don't get promoted."

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