Friday, July 22, 2005

Scene contest gets record number of "xenophobic redneck" entries

The Nashville Scene reports that its Annual "You Are So Nashville If..." issue brought in a record number of entries this year implying a hatred of immigrants:

"This year's entries also included a record number of slights to our growing diversity. While no one actually said, 'You are so Nashville if you hate immigrants,' we know you were headed there. Memo to xenophobic rednecks: unless your Paleolithic great-great-granddaddy was fighting a saber-tooth tiger in the basement of the AmSouth building, you're an immigrant too. So, to all y'all who bitched about having to learn how to say 'all y'all' in Spanish, we created a special category of anti-awards: 'Get-Over-It.'"

The Scene published only two of the offending entries, which were tamer and fewer than a single days' worth of immigration-related comments in the online Nashville City Paper (see this series of comments in response to today's editorial favoring the McCain-Kennedy immigration reform bill to the Kyl-Cornyn proposal).

A USA Today editorial speculated from recent headlines that the mood in the South is souring against expatriates. A 2002 MTSU poll showed Middle Tennesseans harboring increasingly negative opinions about Hispanics and expatriates.

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