Friday, November 11, 2005

Local classifieds join TeleFutura Channel 42 lineup

Channel 42, Nashville's Spanish-language affiliate of the TeleFutura television network, announced a new classified advertising program in which local listings will appear on the air:

TeleFutura, Ch.42 is pleased to announce that it will debut a classified advertising program starting November 2nd. '¿Qué busca?' (What Are You Looking For?) will air two times a day Monday to Sunday, during daytime and in primetime during Channel 42's nightly news program, "En Vivo y Directo" (Live and Direct) and will feature five, 10 second advertisement segments.

TeleFutura, Channel 42's General Sales Manager Inga Chamberlain is excited to be able to respond to a consumer demand for a classified advertisement section.

"We pride ourselves in responding to the community. We have had requests from viewers and advertisers enquiring about a classifieds section and we are now able to bring them just that. '¿Qué busca?' is perfect for job listings especially if a company is looking for bi-lingual employees. If you have an item for sale or you want to announce an event to the Hispanic community then '¿Qué busca?' is the perfect place. And, it is a very effective and affordable way to reach over 50.000 Hispanic viewers." said Chamberlain.

Susana Pae, General Manager of Telefutura, Channel 42, said: 'We have already had a great response to our new nightly news and information program, 'En Vivo y Directo' (Live and Direct) and broadcasting the '¿Qué busca?' classifieds in that hour will give even more impact to the 6-7pm time slot.'

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