Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sidewalk bill withdrawn; day laborers address councilman's concerns

NewsChannel5 reports in this story that the sidewalk bill that was aimed at day laborers has been shelved by its sponsor after his concerns were addressed.

"On some mornings, as many as 100 workers gather near Murfreesboro Road and Thompson Lane waiting for contractors who need temporary help. But area businesses and residents complained about the crowds, and police worried about traffic issues."

"At this neighborhood meeting Thursday night, District 13 Councilman Carl Burch explained a bill he proposed to prohibit the day-labor solicitation."

"...Councilman Burch decided to shelve the bill. He said community members worked together to reach a compromise."

"The Metro Human Relations Commission helped facilitate the compromise. They used translators to communicate with the workers, who now say they'll work to stay as far away from the road as possible, and they say they'll respect local business owners by keeping the area clean and moving out of the area after a specific amount of time."

Full article here

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