Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Gentry believes welcoming, friendly culture is key to Nashville's future

Nashville mayoral candidate and current Vice Mayor Howard Gentry said that his goal as mayor would be to encourage a welcoming, friendly culture in Nashville, which he believes would help solve a host of the city's problems, according to this story in the Tennessean:

"Gentry, Nashville's vice mayor, says the city's transformation during his lifetime, a radical shift from racial segregation to integration, can happen again in other areas. He said he's running for mayor this year because he wants to overturn juvenile crime, academic underachievement, health disparities and homelessness."

"'What I look at is the fact that Nashville has been through a culture change before,' he said. 'Nashville changed from a not-so-welcoming city to the friendliest city in America. And I have been a part of that.'"

"'So that is where that belief comes. I've seen us do it, and we can do it again with the problems that we're having right now in our community.'"

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