Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ramon Cisneros clarifies quote on immigration bureaucracy proposal

Ramon Cisneros, board chairman and acting president of the Tennessee Hispanic Chamber of Commerce*, is distributing a clarification of his quote in the Tennessean about the immigration bureaucracy modifications proposed by a group of U.S. senators this week:

My quote was..

"This is a country of laws, Undocumented immigrants break the law just as much as those who employ them and the government that fails to enforce them. An Immigration Reform is needed to return everyone to a system of laws"

The Tennessean wrote...
"We have to restore the law... These illegal immigrants are breaking the law."
I thought I needed to clarify this.

Ramon Cisneros

*Hispanic Chamber 101: There are four Hispanic chambers of commerce in Middle Tennessee: in alphabetical order, the first three are the Franklin Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the Tennessee Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The Tennessean profiled these three chambers in this article in June 2006. A fourth chamber was incorporated in 2006 (the Middle Tennessee Hispanic Chamber of Commerce) but no activities have been announced.

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