Monday, May 14, 2007

Nashville's ethnic diversity on display and hard at work in Nolensville Road restaurants

"If anywhere in Nashville represents the American Dream it is ... Nolensville Road"

Las Cazuelas stands out

The Nashville City Paper published this article lauding the ethnic food options on Nashville's Nolensville Road:

"[I]t is easy to make the argument that if anywhere in Nashville represents the American Dream it is the often maligned and misunderstood Nolensville Road."

"There is typically not a single square foot of retail space empty. In fact, more retail space is being built with small businesses opening in every nook and cranny. And, yes, if they are not national retailers, many if not most of those small businesses appear to be owned and run by legal immigrants."

"Take a drive down Nolensville and one notices a seemingly endless array of small eateries, representing a wildly divergent and diverse menu of ethnic cuisines. For all of the claimed diversity of other areas in Nashville, those seeking real diversity and choices in ethnic cuisine might consider actually going to where the city’s immigrants live and work..."

One Mexican restaurant is featured in the article - Las Cazueles at 4114 Nolensville Road - and described as "a cut above the rest" for its "fresh ingredients, more complex menu and preparation."

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  1. ah yes...I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I love food and can think of no better (or fun) way to familiarize yourself with other cultures than to sample ethnic foods at their restaurants. A great way to celebrate our diversity!


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