Wednesday, October 17, 2007

eSpanglish magazine to launch

The Nashville City Paper reports here that a free bilingual magazine called "eSpanglish" will appear soon in Middle Tennessee businesses like Kroger supermarkets. The City Paper does not mention Que Pasa, another bilingual magazine that was to be distributed in Kroger stores (story here).

Excerpts from the City Paper article:
A new magazine eSpanglish will be launched this month by recently formed company eSpanglish Magazine LLC.

The partners include Gloria Bishop and Lynne Caples, who will serve the magazine as editor and co-editor, respectively, as well as Elisa Hinger and Huey Newberry. Investments from two silent partners contributed to initial funding. All articles will be printed in English and in Spanish.

eSpanglish will start out as a free publication, Bishop said, with the printing of 15,000 issues to be distributed at outlets including Kroger grocery stores and public libraries. It will initially be printed every other month, though Bishop said intentions are to scale up to a monthly.


In addition to local stalwart La Noticia — that is edited and published by Hispanic Area Chamber of Commerce head Yuri Cunza and distributes 7,000 to 10,000 issues bi-weekly — at least six newspapers currently exist in Middle Tennessee. At least one more paper and one magazine are in development, according to Bishop, though the eSpanglish team says their publication is the area’s only bilingual magazine.

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