Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Spanish to join German on list of languages used by Tennessee tourism department

The Columbia Daily Herald published this AP story about the Tennessee Department of Tourism's decision to advertise in Spanish-language newspapers and translate its web site into Spanish. A German version of the site already exists. An incomplete draft of the Spanish version is here.

According to the story:
“The idea is to be all inclusive,” said Phyllis Qualls-Brooks, a spokeswoman for the department. “We have multiple cultures — the census tells us that — and we know (Hispanic) culture is part of our potential market.” ...

The department is advertising in four Spanish-language newspapers that have a combined circulation of about 85,500 in Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville.

But the ads, which feature a Hispanic family on an outing to an aquarium, will also run in rotation with other ads in national magazines that are not part of the ethnic press, Qualls-Brooks said.

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