Friday, October 12, 2007

Los Pollitos Dicen available at

Cuban-American entrepreneurs Carrie Ferguson Weir and Oscar Alonso land distribution deal

The Tennessean reported here that locally-owned children's clothing line Los Pollitos Dicen is being sold on the web site of national retail giant Target (here):
Kingston Springs-based baby and toddler clothing retailer Los Pollitos Dicen has had a good run of initial sales of its Hispanic heritage clothing items on the Web site of Target, the huge national retailer.

Target sells clothes printed with endearing phrases in Spanish made by the local company. There are T-shirts with "Pio, Pio, Pio" — the sound of baby chicks chirping in Spanish — printed on the front. Or sleepers with terms of endearment for mother and child such as "gordito," which means chubby, usually spoken as the mother kisses a baby's cheeks.
Co-owners Carrie Ferguson Weir and Oscar Alonso are Cuban-Americans who knew each other through their work for the Tennessean - Ferguson Weir as a reporter, and Alonso as a graphic designer.

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