Monday, January 28, 2008

Bilingual in the Boonies: a Cuban-American Nashville diary

Carrie Ferguson-Weir, an entrepreneur, mother, and former newspaper reporter, writes the Nashville-based online diary Bilingual in the Boonies. Channeling her Cuban heritage, Ferguson-Weir writes about topics as diverse as her approach to speaking Spanish with her little girl (see "How we do the Spanish thing") and running her Los Pollitos Dicen clothing line (see "Hen House").

Here is how Ferguson-Weir describes herself on her profile at
I am a former newspaper reporter who now hangs with her bilingual-in-the-making chiquitica, when I am not selling my line of Spanish children's T-shirts. I live in Tennessee, far from the Cuban-American homeland that is Miami, so for Spanish comfort I stalk Latina moms at the park, grocery store and gym. I often dream of pastelitos and old men in crisp guayaberas. Me llamo Carrie.
There are other Hispanic bloggers in Nashville; one who immediately comes to mind is Mack of Coyote Chronicles, who is coincidentally rumored to have some big news out today (keep an eye out at to see if the rumors are true). If you know of any Latin-blooded locals with an online presence, let us know in the comments below or contact the editor.

Both Bilingual in the Boonies and Coyote Chronicles are written in English.

Photo: Carrie Ferguson-Weir, used with permission.

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