Monday, January 7, 2008

Reliant Bank hires Tatia Cummings

Cummings developed over $15 million in Hispanic business for SunTrust

To attract diverse, small business clients through new Lenox Village branch

CEO: Nolensville Road area "not well served"

According to this December 2007 article in the Nashville Business Journal, prominent Nashville banker Tatia Cummings has been hired by locally-based Reliant Bank:
Tatia Cummings, former assistant vice president/emerging market coordinator for SunTrust Bank, has accepted a new role as business development officer for Brentwood-based Reliant Bank.

Cummings was hired to generate business for a 4,000-square-foot branch Reliant plans to open on Nolensville Road in the third quarter of next year.

Cummings is credited with leading an effort that attracted more than $15 million in business from Hispanic customers to SunTrust.

At Reliant, Cummings will not work exclusively with Hispanics. Her role is to work with the many different small business owners from diverse backgrounds in the Nolensville Road area.
One of Cummings' strength is her knowledge of the Spanish language. Cummings was born in Colombia, in South America.

The Nashville Business Journal article quotes Reliant President and CEO DeVan Ard as saying the Nolensville Road area "is not well served because of the language barrier." According to Cummings, the new branch will be located in the Lenox Village neighborhood on Nolensville Road.

See more stories about Nashville banks reaching out to Hispanic customers here. See more stories about Tatia Cummings here.

Also notable about the article is that it includes quotes from the two Hispanic chambers of commerce in Nashville. Most news reports cite only one chamber.

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